Origami Carrier



| Adjustable To All Mat Sizes
The carrier has been designed with versatility to carry all mat sizes.
| Convenient Pocket
Practical feature that allows you to easily store your phone, money and other small things while you conveniently walk with empty hands.
| Non-slip Natural Rubber Inside
A strip of natural rubber is included inside that provides a secure grip to the mat.
| Allows Mat To Air After Use
An open carrier for your yoga mat, allows it to air dry and stay odor-free.
| Patented Design
The product has been developed with proprietary innovations to improve the experience of the user.


Care Method

  • Keep this bag fresh and healthy by hand washing it in cold water. Machine wash not recommended.
  • You can air dry in shade. Do not tumble dry or wring.
  • Do not iron, dry clean, or bleach.


  • What benefits does the carrier have over a yoga cover?
  • The open carrier airs the mat and has a convenient zipper pocket for your valuables. It is also lighter and much cooler!
  • What size mats can you carry in the Origami carrier?
  • It can carry a large spectrum of sizes.
  • Will it slip out?
  • No there’s a patented non-slip rubber strip to ensure that the mat doesn’t slip out.
  • Are the materials environmentally friendly?
  • Yes, it’s made of plant fibers and reusable materials.